37300 Food Atelier Cheese Fondue Kit

37300 Food Atelier Cheese Fondue Kit


225g | Packed per: 8
Includes dip sticks.

Dried mix for cheese fondue, min. 30% fat in ds
Ingredients: 85% pasteurized cow's MILK , potato starch, melting salts: sodium polyphosphate, sodium orthophosphate; salt, starter culture, animal rennet, microbial rennet, preservative: sodium nitrate; dye: annatto norbixin and carotene.

Dipsticks natural
Ingredients: WHEAT flour, 8.7% sunflower oil, sea salt, yeast, malted WHEAT flour.

This product may contain traces of sesame and soy.

Preparation: heat 175 ml white wine (water or apple juice is also possible) in a pan. When the wine starts to fizz, add the cheese powder to the wine while stirring and keep stirring. Add warm water if necessary, until the desired consistency is reached. Keep stirring well and serve immediately. Delicious with the real Italian dipsticks (included) and fresh raw vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, cauliflower florets, Amsterdam onions, pieces of bell pepper and mushrooms. This cheese fondue is a delicious creamy and warm addition to your serving platter!
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